Avoiding the pitfall of subjective ideas

  6 years ago
  Under review

Dear Clem, Linux Mint DevTeam, ModTeam and Community,

Would it be possible to implement and impose a mechanism on the community ideas that require users to find a task to contribute with ideas? When the idea is properly developed the idea can be voted for, followed by testing.
Technically that would attract some potential developers aswell as force the community to seek their "how-to" answers and subjective ideas via the forums or the internet and NOT on the ideas page. This will aswell remove spam and off-topics.

Thank you for your time!

Best Regards/Med Venlig Hilsen
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vahid-mint 6 years ago

what if i tell you that your idea is subjective?

some of subjective ideas are important. for example this idea that you posted is a good idea about how community should work.

so i am agree and disagree with your idea.

jetmint 6 years ago

What the community needs is task assignments for those who wish to contribute. The intention is to mature the community so ideas are created with intention and enthusiasm.

jetmint 6 years ago

This is primarily about setting membership boundaries so users can enjoy the influence, integration and dynamics of the Linux Mint Community. Setting a minimum XP level is per se to grant users a simple way of integration. Others would probably hand out their CV to reach this fulfillment.

jetmint 6 years ago

@remoulder Similar idea is already on the Linux Mint roadmap:

"people are led to believe the community website is the place for support:
change the order in FF bookmarks -> place Community at the end, after Forums/Blog.
place an info message in the sidebar (or headerbar), and on the registration page to explain the forums are the place to be."

Moving that bookmark is not going to help! No matter how golden the explanation is going to be, there simply needs to be a barrier. I suggest XP at the time of writing because thats something I can translate as quantity.

remoulder 6 years ago

Whilst I understand the frustration, just how are users to get points if they cannot post things that gain them, plus an arbitrary number of points is not necessarily an indication of the experience of the user. Better in some ways to limit posts to users who have been members for a certain time but this also has downsides. In short, no system is perfect.