5 years ago

What about a Mint server based on Ubuntu with default Cinnamon interface?
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fred_B 5 years ago

Why? Maybe you could explain what advantages you see in this, but 'till then I'm inclined to agree with the others... Mint server edition would bring nothing to the table. :D

Rebel450 5 years ago

By the way:
Debian 8.3 Jessie Server comes with "Cinnamon" & KDE & Gnome as DE ...

Rebel450 5 years ago

Again: There ARE Servers with GUI.
Although you can not believe it yet.

@all others:
Mint is defined as workstation OS - and it's perfect like this.
Those which really needs a server - they will know where and which to take.
Read the the Mint homepage.

Hammer459 5 years ago

The reason is that Mint is essentially a Desktop addition to Ubuntu. As server edition does not come with desktops Mint just will not add anything. GUI-tools for maintaining a server are all based on remote and thus you can use pretty much any machine to maintain a Linux server, even a M$ box.
Besides there is not enough resource to maintain more spins

RadoslavCap 5 years ago

What advantage will be if there will be a server edition against existing?

jetmint 5 years ago

This subject has already been bottled.

remoulder 5 years ago

Server versions DO NOT have desktops, therefore there would be no difference to the ubuntu server version already available. Please search before posting, this has already been suggested and rejected any times.