Voting Bug: repair score/votes in Ideas

  4 years ago
  Under review

The following bug appeared when i visited:
Software Manager right click install
Before I voted this score was 11 and votes was 11, too.
After I promoted score was 10 and votes was 10, too.

So an existing vote was deleted and mine was not counted.
It seems to be a bug here.

It happened with this tutorial:
How to Change Font Color on the Linux Mint Xfce Desktop
3 other votes on tutorials of @gloriousigor were just not counted.

In a couple of other cases my vote was counted correctly.
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Hammer459 4 years ago

@lib2know did you experience any other problems at that time? Was the site slow? Was there any moderation happening at that time? There have been a few users deleted lately and that would also remove any votes they may have done.

lib2know 4 years ago

Thank you for the link, but sorry, though reading three times I could not find the helpful passage. Would you kindly point it out?

Before I posted this, by the way, I proved the numbers by the "Go Back"-button of the browser. In spite of voting going back showed higher numbers than go forward again.

Today I was studying ideas on different matters and promoting here and there.
Often it happened that no score and no voting was counted but the "You are promoting this idea"-message was visible. This appeared usually when the Sucuri-page came up.

Still there were cases when score and votes numbers decreased while promoted. Furthermore I had a case when changing from "promote" to "demote" the score decreased by 2 points (correct) but the votes-count decreased by 1 (wrong - it should stay the same). Promoting again added 2 points to the score (correct) and the votes count stayed the same now (so still one vote to less).

Crewp 4 years ago

lib2know this might help