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  5 years ago


we all know that backgrounds and themes are highly configurable in linux mint. but when you run your linuxmint for the first time, the default background and theme are not good enough. yeah i know its not important for an expert or average or even a normal user,, but it could be very disappointing for a new user. at the present time, more than anything, we need new users.
to find out how good the default appearances are, we could simply do a research to find out how many people keep those backgrounds/themes.

look at windows for example. it sucks! but when you run it for the first time you will see a shiny blue and calm background. this is the first impression on user.
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lib2know 5 years ago

good idea and helpful to push our market share where it should be ;-)

vahid-mint 5 years ago

hammer 459:
1- you had a discussion here

2- for the users who start without any helper beside them, yeah i claim that it has a major effect.
3- there is scientific facts about psychology that you are overlooking.

i never use this funny phrase: "Mint is great if it weren't for the ugly visuals" i am a FSF member and windows(and photoshop and office and 3dsmax and....) is free(as in cost) in my country, i invite people to use linux because of more important reasons.
there is some books about design by Donald A Norman (emotional design , The DESIGN of EVERYDAY THINGS) and many other books about this. the first one is great.
hammer459 : please take a look at these (the "AFFECT AND DESIGN" part)(

RadoslavCap 5 years ago

Agree and promoting.

Hammer459 5 years ago

You claim that it makes people have all kinds of effects. I have also introduced several people to Mint. Half keep the background as is. I know exactly ONE who uses Windows as is. So I guess it's a matter of opinion and maybe also a matter of how you present things.
Think of the difference:
"Mint is great if it weren't for the ugly visuals" vs. "Mint is great, you can change what's on and how it looks just the way you want"
My guess your presentation is more like the first....

vahid-mint 5 years ago

this is not a personal opinion! comeon! are you from 1824? we all know the effect of design on users. you think microsoft or any smart phone company choose a random background as default? if you want mint to be the first OS you need to pay attention to details! you think everyone can understand coding?
i invited people to use linux-mint for a while but you cant imagine the effect of this ugly startup background on them.
hammer 459 and remoulder- i guess you are experts but remember that linux mint is for all users. and if you want mint to be the #1 Os then you should learn to think like them. have you ever talked with a new user?

remoulder 5 years ago

This is not an idea, please use the forums for personal opinions

Hammer459 5 years ago

And I think the exact opposite. It is a nice, unassuming theme that will work okay for many.

vahid-mint 5 years ago


i know but : this is the first impression on a new user!

Hammer459 5 years ago

This kind of post comes with annoying frequency. Only a few days ago.
This is a matter of personal opinion, and there are almost as many of them as there are users. There are dozens, if not hundreds of themes available. Pick one that suits you.