More statistics for "(My) Ideas"

  12 years ago
  Under dev. review

In the idea page, it should be displayed (maybe only for creator of the idea) a small statistic complementary to the one displayed below the title (Created 3 weeks ago, edited 3 weeks ago, read 123 times).

I suggest the following:
- Votes promoting
- Votes "Don't care"
- Votes demoting

If an idea has a score of 0 with 12 votes, it's very different of having 6 votes promoting and 6 votes demoting or 12 votes "Don't care".
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Tonya 9 years ago


Alexio 11 years ago

I would really like to see this idea implemented for ideas and tutorials, but with more details.

Some anonymous votes without comments are not very useful, IMHO. Sometimes I have the feeling that some users are demoting my ideas and tutorials without a good reason.

An option to see who demoted an idea would be useful. The user who submitted the idea or the tutorial should know who are the community users that voted. This would encourage the exchange of ideas and the usage of private messaging that is available for the registered community users.

Rovanion 12 years ago

Also, I believe it to be very rude of people to demote an idea without saying why. Tough that is offtopic to the idea itself but not it's current standing in points, votes and the number of comments.