CKEditor Features missing at community level

  6 years ago
  Under review

Dear Clem, Linux Mint DevTeam, ModTeam and Community,

First of all: Thank you for you commitment and dedication to Linux Mint!

As you know more users are joining Linux Mint at a daily basis. However we are strongly missing/lacking part of or whole features from the CKEditor for the sole purpose of posting useful tutorials and ideas.

For the Tutorial section, the missing features are:
1: Proper image uploading feature instead of shortend urls cloud services (set max file upload size and file type accordingly). This will protect Linux Mint Users from having their account hacked through a url.
2: Image properties->Preview should only show the image and NOT text.

For the Ideas section, the missing features are:
1: CKEditor is completely missing - Writing good ideas for a huge audience and community require visuals and proper text editing tools like CKEditor etc.

Why? Because it's important to show the work we have done to arrive at the solution aswell as providing a good answer to missing features.

A complete Guide can be found here:!/guide

Thank you for your time!

Best Regards/Med Venlig Hilsen
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jetmint 6 years ago

I would like to kindly ask people to think twice before hitting demote, while inserting a shortend url to a post can pose a security threat to the community:

jetmint 6 years ago

Hire a volunteer who knows about the CKEditor features that need to be configured, and that's it.
Asking for help from the community wouldn't hurt, would it?

Hammer459 6 years ago

Hire how? Everybody is donating their time AFAIK. There is no revenue as Mint sells at $0.00.

jetmint 6 years ago

@Hammer459 In that case the short termed solution is to hire a guy with perl skills to get the job done. But when I look up CKEditor I get the following result:!/guide/dev_installation

Hammer459 6 years ago

This is a good idea, however it has been suggested several times and the problem is that there is no one that has time to work on the community site. All you need to volunteer is perl skills and time :-)