2016 - How To Video tutorials inside of the Software Manager.

  3 years ago
  Under review

2016 - How To Video Tutorials inside of the Software Manager.
Myself & Other Linux Mint Members can make How To Video Tutorials & send it to The Linux Mint Community & If they like It,the Linux Mint Admin
can Link It To the Software Manager.A Smart OS in my opinion Will have Video Tutorials Right Inside of the OS,teaching the New and the Existing Users How To Completely Master The OS and It`s Applications.
I want to say Thanks to the Great GNU/Linux Mint Cinnamon OS.It`s the Best Operating System in my opinion.Congratulations !
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MintUSER2016 3 years ago

@ mikefreeman . i think is a good idea to have it the way you said.
i hope everyone agree & all the linux ninjas out there make some nice tutorials for us.

mikefreeman 3 years ago

Making video tutorials = good idea.

Putting them in the Software Manager = not so much.

Personally, I prefer reading tutorials rather than watching them (having to watch video tutorials *REALLY* annoys me for some reason), but I understand others prefer them. However, if there are going to be video tutorials available, and I agree there should be, I would prefer adding a video section to the Tutorials page of this community site and putting a link to the site in the Welcome Screen that appears when you first install Mint. Putting them in the Software Manager seems misplaced and unnecessary to me.

jetmint 3 years ago

@MintUSER2016 Obviously nobody has a single clue to why your self-motivated self-promotions are so important to be turned into ideas by a public community.