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Created 2 years ago, edited 2 years ago.
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Hi, Linux Mint team!
I would like the next versions of Linux Mint can run Android. I hope that this will be real.


2 years ago

I stand corrected!
2 years ago

Actually, @Hammer459 there are x86 versions of Android (my Samsung tablet runs on an x86 processor). That version of Android comes with an ARM emulation layer that allows it to run the ARM binaries with only a minor hit to performance. There are also x86-compiled Android apps, but there isn't as much ported to that architecture as to ARM, because it's not as common.

That said, the idea still really isn't workable on a GNU/Linux system without non-user-friendly workarounds.

There is actually a way to do it (I've done it with extremely limited success), but it's not easy, not smooth, and it's not compatible with a lot of apps. It involves downloading the Android app packages (Google makes that tricky for the average person to begin with), "optimizing" them for your system through a CLI program (I forget the name), and running them through the Google Chrome browser with a special plugin (again, I forget the name), if I remember correctly. :)
2 years ago

Actually @mikefreeman the only thing thay have in common is the source code of the Linux kernel. Different architecture so the binaries won't run.
This idea (or rather wish) has been suggested many times and always with the same response... NOT POSSIBLE, ever!
2 years ago

I don't see how that's possible, to be honest. It would be great to be able to run Android apps, but you're talking about running software from a totally different system. The only thing the two have in common is the Linux kernel, which just isn't enough.  

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