Backport Mint 18 DE's and Mint-specific software to Mint 17.3

  4 years ago
  Under review

Looking at the comments on the LM blog site, other web sites, and my own experience with it, it appears that Mint 18 has some fairly glaring problems (Samba problems causing the Mint team to disable SMB file sharing by default, Font Viewer non-functional, etc.). It might benefit the Mint team to backport the new Cinnamon and MATE desktop environments and the new Mint-specific software/tools to the older Mint 17.3. That way, users can happily enjoy the new features present in Mint 18, but with the stability of 17.3. This would only be necessary until the problems are sorted out (hopefully soon).
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RayWoods 4 years ago

One problem I had with Mint 18 is that there is no Gnome-Schedule yet. Not a problem for me, as I did my Cron job the old fashioned way but, this could stump many new users.

Really, as @Clem says, if your system is working on 17.3, stay on it.

One could say, was 18 launched too early as there are functions that no longer work in the new OS.

Crewp 4 years ago

Good idea, not sure it is do-able.

RayWoods 4 years ago

We can but ask, only the Devs know the full implications. Promoted.

Hammer459 4 years ago

At first glance this seems like a good idea.
But... backporting two entire DE's with most software is no small task that may take months. Development time that could be put to better use IMHO.