Smart Collection of LM Statistics

  4 years ago

According to the present method, the user updates the 'release/edition/hardware' when he/she usually registers to the community for the first time.

Then in due course of time, the user may upgrade to newer releases... but this may not be updated in their account details..

So i fear, the pie chart need not show the actual status of LM around the world.

Now during a fresh install, there can be an icon in the WELCOME SCREEN dialog, when the user clicks it, the details (release, edition, if poss hardware) are registered to the db..

And upon a upgrade from a previous release, the user can be prompted to update their account details..

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bawa_d 4 years ago

Good idea!

fhd_castro 4 years ago

Good idea! @kamalthekingpin 

Hammer459 4 years ago

But as the moderators have already rejected this idea I can only venture a guess that they also think it is not worth the effort as most users will never register anyway

kamalthekingpin 4 years ago

@Hammer459 : You are absolutely right.

As you mentioned, at the end of installation process, when the user is welcomed into the desktop, the user can be prompted to update.

This way the real spread of the users over the world can be known. :)

Hammer459 4 years ago

At the end of the installation process you could remind the user to update any community details.
Making any informed decisions based on the community details is impossible anyway as the majority of Mint users are not members of the community.

kamalthekingpin 4 years ago

@Hammer459 : I would like to politely bring to your notice that the idea doesn't mention anything about 'automatic collection'.

** The user is always given a choice. **

All i meant was, it would be an elegant way to simplify (valid) data collection, rather than the user coming here to update the profile every once in a while.

One reason why i came up with this idea :
Rather than having the pie charts as a fancy decoration in the welcome page, the collected data may somehow benefit the development team by applying some analytics.

mikefreeman 4 years ago

@Hammer459 - I don't see why this would make anyone want to "jump off Mint". I honestly wouldn't mind this, personally. If it's just auto-updating your own personal community profile, and only with your own permission, I honestly don't see what the problem is. As long as it communicates exactly what information is to be posted, and exactly where it will be posted, and gives you the choice to do it or not, what's the problem? I don't see this as "automatic collection of data". It's more like automatically doing the work for you that you'd do anyway, and it can be opt-in only so you don't feel like it's shady by any means. I would see it as a plus.

Hammer459 4 years ago

And quite frankly, how many Linux users do you think want or even will let automatic collection of data? I would jump off Mint for sure.

kamalthekingpin 4 years ago

Sorry.. I couldn't find anything in my search. :(

remoulder 4 years ago

This has been suggested before, please search before posting