Add "badges" or any visual distinction for members of development team on idea comments

  12 years ago
  Under dev. review

I have gladly seen a lot of participation, on idea comments and explanations, from moderators and members of the testing teams.

It seems to me they are people directly involved with the development team, and know better than average users (like me) what and why ideas are good, bad, not so good, etc.

Since ideas that are put here by average users are intended to motivate the very development team, a comment made by a member of this team certainly has "more value" than the other comments.

Perhaps a better way to put it is that it's good to know that a comment were made by someone who most probably know what he's talking about.

So, to add some crown, badge or any visual distinction icon could help us to understand the reasons and the weights of the viewpoints discussed.
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AshBaby 10 years ago

ya.. support that one

dagon 10 years ago

status > considered

Let it be understood that I don't consider moderators to:
-"...know better than average users what and why ideas are good, bad, not so good, etc"
I consider myself a living proof of that! I just think that moderators need to be accessible and that being seen as moderators whether we comment an idea or not is rather basic on a forum.

blueXrider 11 years ago

Good idea from 11 months ago, Status still "new" hummmmm wonder why.

No one is promoting the idea?

Xyie 12 years ago

Ideas from the people involved in development need to be considered by the user base...that's why you're posting them, right? To see what the people think. Great idea to know to whom we should pay close attention.

remoulder 12 years ago

@heltonbiker: I do promote ideas that are relevant and worthwhile such as this one!

Lopau 12 years ago

For me, the average user (or below), I agree. Sometimes we are not seeing the all picture.

justin 12 years ago

Being a moderator, I am clearly biased towards this idea. I had a previous idea along these lines but affected everyone but grouping people into "teams" based on what they knew or understood.


heltonbiker 12 years ago

By the way, Mint Community and all its members should be congratulated by being one of the only (the only one, perhaps?) site where, spontaneously, there are not flame wars.