Live Screensaver

  4 years ago
  Under review

I would like to see a screensaver which is awake, even the screen sleeps...

For example: I mean instead of just time or visualization being displayed, maybe the score of soccer match/weather status/etc is displayed.

Just like desklets, not on desktop but when screensaver kicks in

Similar to the 'always on' feature in the recent smartphones.

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Hammer459 4 years ago

It still use a lot of power. As @remoulder points out such applications are available and even if they were not it's outside Mint scope.

kamalthekingpin 4 years ago

@remoulder : you are right. What i mean is, just a small part of the screen is displaying the info.

remoulder 4 years ago

If the screen is displaying something then it is not sleeping, the purpose of a modern "screensaver" is to conserve power! If you want such a program then install one, Linuxmint is a linux distro, it doesn't develop application software.