Unified Installer (Only One Download Option)

  3 years ago

It would be great for new users to only have one option to download and get started.

New users can become confused with all the different options available and acronyms they do not understand.

To remove these barriers to entry there could be a single download option. This could look like placing the option for alternative desktops in the installer itself under an advanced options button, or simple tucking them away in a drop down on the downloads page. You could even this a step further with 32 vs 64 bit options.

TL;DR - Reduce options, improve new user adoption experience.
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packiya_rajan 3 years ago

Let us assume I am new user to download linuxmint master.iso which has all desktops integrated, during installation time, I am going to be get confused on desktop choices given to me is in it ? its better to me to gain at least some knowledge about desktop environments before downloading to end with happy installation. At least now I can search over the internet what those acronym meant, but If am seeing those options to choose DE while installing? what should I do? do u want me to close the installer and log in windows/mac and search and learn about the DEs and again to start the linux installation?

remoulder 3 years ago

User selection on installation has been suggested and rejected many times, please search before posting; and including all desktop environments/architectures in a single iso is not practical. Also why would new users know what to select at installation any more than at the download? The download page suggests the default option but users are expected to have done at least a little reading before installing a completely unknown OS.