Different desktop icons for virtual desktops

  5 years ago
  Under review

Summery: Have an option to enable different desktop icons for each workspace on the Cinnamon (and other) desktop.

I'm sure this feature has come up a few times, but I couldn't see it here so I figured I'd suggest it.

Basically, I'd like to setup each workspace for different things, like have work applications on one, games/media on the next and so on.

Since having startup scripts to open programs on each desktop is a pain, it would be nice to simply setup your desktop icons for each space, I mean, it's supposed to be a workspace, so having different tools on each one should make intuitive sense, instead of sharing the tools on all of them.

Though having an option for some icons to show on all workspaces would also be nice.
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Rebel450 5 years ago

'suggested several times' -

but still a good idea ;-)

(though I doubt it will be easy to make because of the Gnome-base...)

Hammer459 5 years ago

This has been suggested several times and is still a subject for each DE. Post to the desktop sites!

AjvarXX 5 years ago

Nice idea.