Linux Mint - Architecture Map/Block Diagram

  4 years ago
  Under review

I see many ideas posted here end up irrelevant as they are not directly related to the Linux Mint OS.

So i suggest a map/block diagram which outlines what comprises the actual OS, what comprises the Desktop, etc.

Also the map can point urls to the respective forum/IRC channel alongside each component.

Thus, a user with an idea, can get a clear picture of whether the idea pertains to the OS itself or the Desktop or something else.

Therefore, only constructive ideas get posted here and developers can easily decide what to do with those ideas.

I am working on the diagram. I request the members to help me in this venture. Pls guide me, so i can create the diagram.
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kamalthekingpin 4 years ago

@Hammer459 : Sure. I have started working on it. But not without your help. Pls help me in the process with your valuable inputs.

Here is an outline of what i have planned :

nmjbhoffmann 4 years ago

Actually just posted that idea after you did, then saw yours. So I agree.

Hammer459 4 years ago

I like the idea. Can you start this effort? And send it to the moderators.