Lm must provide application development kit for application developers.

  3 years ago

No doubt LM is the one most popular OS. But sometimes my friends switch back to Windows for following reason:
1. Suppose am running my shop. I urges a software for my personal needs. When i go to developers they suggest to go with VB.Net or Java. So i want an kit for developres to create such projects for the above said persons.

It may also make the LM much more usefull for the people. As java is much rerstricted and owned by oracle and there is version incompatiblity problem. As OpenJdk always prone to errors and the development process is very slow and it needs quiet good configuration of client machine. So i want an open source kit for LM which must be in c++ or jquery, php etc to develop the client side desktop applicatins.

So i suggest LM developers to provide a SDK. There are many projects out there as listed below to get an idea:
1. PHP Desktop

2. Electron
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bawa_d 3 years ago

i think there is some misunderstanding,
first, i dont want the php, nodejs or mono to already install in LM.
Am just want to state that there should be a SDK for developers so they use it for developing the application softwares for the LM users.

If i install LAMP(Linux Apache MariaDb PHP) i have to setup the software, the user have to start the servers first, then he have to start the browser and then enters the url and so on.
And all the souce code is handed to the client.

In case of java as i mentioned in the post there is licence issue incase of Oracles java and version incompatibility with OpenJdk.

Mono it is a free implementation of .Net Framework and much more prone to security risks.

An end user wants an icon by which he click next-next-install-finish. And there should be an icon on his/her desktop to start the application for his personal needs as stated in above example of shop owner.

There is a project called PHP Desktop but it is working with windows yet.
We can use embedded chrome to generate a GUI for user where he can input and view the data.
embedded PHP interpreter for execution and jquery javascript for effects and validation.

and a sdk for merging them together and an installer for end user. This is my idea but i dont knoe how to achieve it so i post it there so any volunteer come up with solution or implementation and have fun and learn new things and give a good product to the community.

dknight 3 years ago

Don't see any problem. You can install and configure your system as you wish. Like PHP, any SQL, node.js etc.

mikefreeman 3 years ago

@bawa_d I may be wrong, but I think Linux Mint is aimed more at new general desktop users than at developers. And if a developer choses to use Linux Mint, I would hope they would have the computing knowledge to be able to figure out how to install things like Java (whether Oracle or open source versions), PHP, Mono/.Net, Electron, or whatever. If they don't, then maybe they shouldn't "quit their day job", so to speak. There should be no need to add bulk to the OS that most general users don't need/want.

bawa_d 3 years ago

dear remoulder, is it a bad idea if more people use it for their productivity as well as fetching reports for there needs? as much applications developed for the OS there usage increased. The android OS has much more applications than Ios and are free. From last many months the android is the top OS for smartphones than IOS as IOS is the elder OS. As much as the OS would be productive their usage increased. So please vote it up. Not all developers are deals with OS development but more people are application developers. This new lead can encourage the developers and the end user and this would made LM the top most OS of the world.

remoulder 3 years ago

Linuxmint is a linux distro, not a software developer. It does not develop application software. If you don't know how open source development works please post in the forums not here.

bawa_d 3 years ago

it can be possible with little effort. Use html for views or presentation layer and use php as interpreter both are open source. Database connectivity must be with mariadb as we as sqlite. Thats it.

RayWoods 3 years ago

Although this is a nice idea, it is way outside of the remit and resources of the Linux Mint Team.