More Obvious Help Links on Community Website

  3 years ago

As I read through the Ideas page, I keep seeing people post help questions. So I decided to take a look at the community page from the perspective of a brand new user, and have an idea I'd like to share.

It occurred to me that the forum link is very small and placed in a location that's not very visible. The bottom of the page is completely hidden unless the user happens to make it all the way to the bottom of the page and knows to look for it. It needs to be in a better place.

Also, other help venues are absent or difficult to find on the community page.

Idea: Add a "Help" tab to the top of the community page. This would take the user to a page or menu that has prominent links to the forum, the Linux Mint IRC help channel, and bug report/suggestion pages for all of the DE's and software in the various Mint versions that are often mistakenly posted about in the Ideas section (I'm sure this could make people like Remoulder and others much happier). If done as a page instead of a menu, it could also clearly and concisely explain what each link is for.
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RayWoods 3 years ago

@remoulder: It matters not how many times an idea is put forward. A good idea is a good idea, even if it isn't taken up by the Linux Mint team. If you think something is a good idea and, previous comments don't put you off, why not keep plugging away?

We may even breath new life into this Community in stead of it whithering on the vine like it currently is.

mikefreeman 3 years ago

@Hammer459 Ah, ok. I haven't done anything with php yet. Might be a fun challenge!

Hammer459 3 years ago

@mikefreeman it is PHP. Just ask any moderator and they will give you a lead

mikefreeman 3 years ago

@remoulder Understandable. They have to set their priorities. If anyone could carve out a few minutes of time, though, it wouldn't take much to do, and there shouldn't be much maintenance work needed for it. I could do it, if I knew who to send the html to for uploading.

bawa_d 3 years ago

Good idea

Crewp 3 years ago

Good idea though.

remoulder 3 years ago

Similar suggestions have already been made including one I made myself over 6 years ago. Little to no development of this site has been made during that time as I assume other projects have been priority for the team's limited resources.