Software Manager with a Buy Section

  3 years ago

The idea is to compile not only free software in the software manager but also software that you can buy. These software packages must be tested and must comply to a certain standard and support level.

The idea is basically to get software that is Mint approved to be of a high standard. I believe people will buy software but it must be of a certain quality and standard. (I will)

Basically, if you browse the web and you find software and it is MINT approved you can buy it because you know it will be worth it.

When you install Mint you can find free software that is rated by all and you can find top quality packages to buy.

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fransjoeba 3 years ago

Interesting to see your comments that clearly indicate that I have no idea what the big picture looks like.
The difficulties that I experience as a novice user is to find good software that you can buy even if there is no link to MINT other that a list in the software center.

Currently, I wonder what do I really want to buy?


dknight 3 years ago

If somebody needs specific non-free software then he/she will just buy. Doesn't matter if it is approved by MINT or not. In my opinion Linux community based on open source software and shouldn't be commercialized.

mikefreeman 3 years ago

While I agree that this would be a cool option to have, there are good reasons why this isn't really workable. For one, most of what we use for repositories are managed by Ubuntu, so Mint has little control over what's there. Also, if Mint built their own repositories for this, it would have to be with full cooperation with all of the contributing vendors. This is what Ubuntu tried to do, and it failed. Mint doesn't have the resources that Ubuntu does, so it realistically wouldn't be possible. It would also have to incorporate a very labor-intensive money redistribution scheme that manages users paying Mint for the access to the software, and distributes that money to the appropriate vendor. It would also need to manage any refunds, if necessary. This is a huge undertaking that goes beyond the scope of the Mint team. Also much of the software that we would have to pay for are things like games, which usually have their own proprietary distribution method (like Steam).

Hammer459 3 years ago

If I had a dollar for every time this has been suggested...

And for good reason rejected...