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 MintMenu separate background opacity

Created 8 years ago, edited 8 years ago.

Under dev. review
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Make mintMenu have an adjustable transparent background, but completely opaque text and icons. This allows the menu to not be intrusive, while still being readable, when the opacity is set to low levels.

Perhaps there could be a separate opacity level adjustment for the text & icons than the background. That way, if you wanted the transparency of the icons, text and background to match, they could, but if you wanted a sort of glass-like effect, you could have that too.


7 years ago


Thank you for your information.
Is is very helpful.

7 years ago

You will find answer here:


Re: Transparent MintMenu

by johonunu on Thu May 14, 2009 4:36 pm
Yes it does

Go to :
Start -> Preferences -> CompizConfig Settings Manager.
Then under "Accesability" tab there is "Opacity, brightness and saturation" click on it !
Click on "New" button. In Windows textbox enter "" and select the
amount of opacity you want to use (I use 90). After that you enable this plugin
(if you haven't already) on the left side with check in checkbox.

P.S. to use transparent menus (like right click etc.) repeat the steps, and just add new entries
and add in textbox "dropdownmenu" and "popupmenu" (insted of "").
7 years ago

Interesting idea.  
7 years ago

I hope this setting option would be put on the preference dialog of mintMenu as soon as possible.
8 years ago

Just had this idea too while messing with my Compiz settings. It would work great with the alpha blur in the Blur plugin (finally got that working on my GPU), just the way it works in the Terminal emulator. Now you do not want to make it too transparent because the text and icons get transparent too and it does not look that good.
Maybe it would be good if the Gnome panel could do that too. There is some transparency setting there but it does not seem to work the way it should. You can again use the Compiz "Opacity, Brightness and Saturation" plugin to make the whole thing transparent though.
8 years ago

@Lopau terminal windows can already be adjusted transparent from within the terminal preferences. Also, one can optionally apply the 'transset' packages which allows individual transparenices to be set.  
8 years ago

This a solution to a thing a had already noticed. Would be perfect that way.
And what about the same thing to the terminal window?
Should it be created another idea?

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