boot-menu indicator if boot option was hibernated (suspend-to-disk)

  4 years ago
  Under review

This most important for systems run from battery power.

When power levels get to a critical low, it is common for controls to cause a workstation hibernation (suspend-to-disk). On returning to the box, the end-user will see the workstation as power-off. If the restart is shortly after shutdown, there is not much concern. However, the restart might be later in the day or overnight. On restart, one will see a standard boot menu. It would be nice to see some indication that a hibernation is in progress.

Should the end-user dual-boot into a different OS, forgetting about the pending hibernation, all of the hardware state gets scrambled. When they try to resume the suspended environment, the scrambled hardware will likely [my experience] balk at the recovery. This renders the hibernation useless. [again, my experience.]

One might argue that there are other issues if a system in hibernation does not restart across a dual-boot or similar alternate use of the hardware. I suspect that system hibernation is designed for restart into the runtime environment from which it was suspended without any intervening use of the underlying hardware.
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remoulder 4 years ago

This is an ideas area specifically for the various versions and releases of the linuxmint distro and it's websites, you post is generic. Linuxmint do not develop grub, the linux kernel or the power management subsystems. Hibernation is not recommended on multi OS systems, but if grub is appearing on boot, this may be a hardware or configuration issue that you should address in the forums.