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  5 years ago
  Under review

I know this was an idea long ago and is eye candy, but for those who would like it, live wallpaper in html5.

To make this clearer, a live wallpaper is an animated wallpaper for the desktop background, instead of choosing a wallpaper you choose an animated wallpaper instead, so your desktop background moves around like a screensaver instead of a static image.

I can port some mdm's over to it and make some new ones (not so energy consuming), I notice they have it for screensavers now, I'll get around to porting some over for those also or make new ones.

Not sure this can be done and other things are obviously more important, but maybe for later on down the road as a side project.
Plus it will give me more to do when I'm bored ;)
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Hammer459 5 years ago

All wallpapers, screensavers and other bling is outside of Mint scope all of this is done by outside volunteers and there is no reason to use up Mint volunteers to maintain such a list that will pretty much always be outdated anyway.

samriggs 5 years ago

@Hammer459, this has already been done but outdated and not done with html5
check out the link:

This is what I am talking about, they come with a list of live wallpapers users can use, much like picking a wallpaper from the ones mint supplies,
since they are created in html5, it would be easy to port the mdm themes I made to this by just adding the html5 and whatever javascript files and images go with it.
Another link how to do this in mint:

What I am talking about is pretty much the same thing but create the live wallpapers (animated wallpapers) with html5 instead like screensavers can be done and mdm themes can be done.
The reasoning for this would be to open it up more for artist to create a lot of them to give a better variety.
Hope this clears it up.
If someone wanted a specific animation then they would have to create it to have their own artwork just like others have done with mdm themes but just changing the main background image to their own and some have done with ones I made in the past.

Hammer459 5 years ago

@samriggs all the desktops have different infrastructure and thus any such port would be for one specific desktop. Anything graphic will by definition be for one desktop and not the distro. Technically not possible ...

samriggs 5 years ago

@remoulder, this is for linux mint not necessarily cinnamon and not mdm

I make mdm themes that could be ported for this purpose, That's what I meant by that, this is an idea for screen backgrounds on the desktop, instead of choosing a wallpaper you could choose a live wallpaper instead that would coded in html5, this could be used in any linux mint version, we were talking about this is when mdm first came out to also make live wallpapers in html5 for the desktop background, much like the html5 screensavers mint added into their desktop versions now also.

Just would be a nice add on in the future.


remoulder 5 years ago

This is an ideas area for the linuxmint distro and it's websites, cinnamon and mdm are separate projects that have their own sites. Ideas for mdm go at