picture password

  2 years ago

Picture password is a normal tool to login in to your desktop by simply clicking on the pictures key element and it will compare with the saved one.This feature is available in the windows 10 and above version.We can simply make the linux mint a better operating system by introducing this because it will be the easiest way to enter into your surrounding through simple system which is secure as well.Implementing this idea will give whole new dynamic look to the linux mint.
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slicktak 2 years ago

@remoulder I had another thought. LM allows you to "Login Automatically". In my opinion, some authentication is better than no authentication :).

slicktak 2 years ago

@remoulder As you've stated before, Linux Mint is a general purpose desktop distribution. As such, many of users enjoy using a "Picture Password" as their login option. This does NOT need to be default, but it should be an option for the user. The more Linux Mint forces practices on its user-base, the more Windows-like it becomes.

@keshavm021 Linux Mint combines several pieces together to produce a distribution with the best desktop experience. With that in mind, you need to take this idea to the team who develops the piece you're wanting to improve. In this case, I believe it would be MDM. So, while "Linux Mint" has developers for MDM, they're separate from this.

remoulder 2 years ago

Linux is not Windows and doesn't need to copy it. Suggesting such features will make things easier and more secure is your opinion and factually incorrect as picture passwords have been shown to be easily cracked.
In addition this is a suggestion for the developers of whichever display manager you want to use, e.g. https://github.com/linuxmint/mdm/issues