Login Page Keyboardlayout Testfield

  3 years ago

I wish a field while Login Proceed for see my Keyboard write the right Letters in the Passwordfield.

I had the Problem after install Linux Mint 18.1 Version Mate, i cant Login, the password was failed.

After few test i can do it with the graphic Keyboard, but i cant change my Keyboard Layout after Login for all time.
After reboot the Layout was the same as before. :(

I see also the Keyboardlayout was diffrent in the Terminal.

So i had to do reinstall the Linux Mint and select my Keyboardlayout manually.

After this i regonize, the auomatic Keyboardlayout dont works for Swiss German Keyboard!!
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remoulder 3 years ago

This is a support issue not an idea, please use the forums

keepitsimple 3 years ago

...so if the issue with the swiss keyboard layout got fixed the testfield would not be necessary? ;)