Terminal Graphic Interface

  3 years ago

A Software i can save the commands
and i can insert it again with just 1 click.

So i have Buttons for the most useful Comands and i can build my commands with this Buttons.

Like the Text Programm "LATEX
The GUI Interface is the Programm "LyX"
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Alexio 3 years ago

Try the xman command for a GUI with all commands. Also, there is an interesting article at http://www.tecmint.com/8-useful-x-window-gui-based-linux-commands-part-i/ with other less known GUI apps that can be run from the terminal.

remoulder 3 years ago

Linuxmint is a distro not an application software developer. If you don't like the supplied terminal then you are free to install a different one, but if you want custom software you will have to build it yourself.