create a community Repo

  5 years ago

i believe we could create a community repo of software but separate it from the official Linux mint software center and then if that software meets debians standards than have it imported back into debian so that we can make it easier for linux mint users to package software and have the linux mint community as the beta tester for the software(for those that desire to otherwise just continue to download from mint software center) so that bugs and other stuff in open source software can be ironed out this idea is similar to the arch user repository but when people enter the linux mint community repo which should be very easy to access but have a disclaimer that nothing in this repo has been tested by the Linux Mint staff and then have a way to report copyright violating apps and remove them promptly in this repo and if there is an orphan package then another person will be able to take over that package this could be beta versions of gimp or software that is not in the official mint software repos such as kallithea
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Hammer459 5 years ago

This is where your own PPA comes in, if Mint sets up a repo the distro and or the community could become liable for any problems.
There is no room in the dev team to expand the official repo much less test and validate community software.