Incorporate Mint-Mirror into Update Manager

  3 years ago

Instead of downloading entire repositories to set-up a local mirror with rsync, I think this way would be more useful for me and other users. While lowering the load on Mint servers.

I have multiple machines that have Mint installed on it. Each have different versions. Also, I find myself re-installing Mint on machines for various reasons. I also sometimes install Mint for other people. Every time I want to update a machine or do a install of Mint I have to get the updates all over again. To minimize my bandwidth usage, I would like to suggest Incorporating a Mint-Mirror into Update Manager.

Update Manager has a check option to use Local machine (static IP eg. as a LAN local mirror. All updates are stored to a repository on local drive. Other machines on the LAN will point to this machine using its IP address.

Other machines will give it the dist version and a list of all the stuff it has. Mirror machine will look for updates, at set or regular time intervals, download updates and make it available for the local machines.

Update Manager runs at regular intervals. Any machine which uses apt to install a program, Update manager will add it to the needed list on the Mirror machine. Going forward the mirror machine will have the program.

If another machine requests it from Software Manager it will look first in the Mirror machine, then if not found go to Mint web mirrors. And apt can use an added parameter like `-mirror` so `apt --mint-mirror install ssh` will look locally before heading out to the web.

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remoulder 3 years ago

By far the vast majority of users would have no use for this so it wouldn't be a useful expenditure of resources, and it's not that difficult to setup your own repository or make local copies of debs. Google is your friend.

RayWoods 3 years ago

To download all of the Mint and Ubuntu repositories would take a lot of bandwidth, let alone the updates. Remember, you don't need everything so a lot of these proposed downloads will never be used so a waste of your precious bandwidth. Then, there is a different repository for each Edition of Linux Mint/Ubuntu. Sorry, demoted.