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  3 years ago

I know that there is a IRC chat for that, but I think Discord is the perfect way to go!

1. IT HAS MORE ACCESSIBILITY FEATURES. Discord has a LOT more features than HexChat. Like voice chat, emoji's, personification settings. It can also display who is typing, and you can do :[emoji name]: for quick emoji's ;).
2. EASIER TO ACCESS FOR NON-LINUX USERS. If someone... let's say they use Mac OS X. If this user just wants to hang around, they can do it at Discord without having to get Linux whatsoever! How nice would THAT be?!
3. APPEARANCE. You can't deny that Discord is beautiful! And you can customize it anyway you would like it to look!

If anyone would like this, I would be glad to make the channel! Just tell me what you would like it to have and I'll be there to save the day! If you would I'd really appreciate it and I would like that I helped a whole COMMUNITY on my conscience. Thanks for the cooperation! ;)
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remoulder 3 years ago

This is not an idea, please use the chat forum