Replace Tomboy with SimpleNote

  5 years ago

I kind of like Tomboy, but it doesn't sync well between devices at all alas. Is broken in that space.


looks like a promising alternative that is free though not clearly open source, though it may be?:

either way, I think Tomboy, much as I kind of like it, is failing me (and probably most casual users) because it has no simple pain free cloud sync available since the default nice and easy Ubuntu One option disappeared.

And SimpleNote seems to be stepping into that gap and a good candidate for a Linux Mint default utility.

Just an idea. Might be a better option than zim which was proposed earlier for same reasons (Tomboy alas not cutting it):
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bernd-wechner 5 months ago

Well, I've been using Joplin for years now. Much much better.

remoulder 5 years ago

Linuxmint comes with basic software intended to meet the needs of most users. If a supplied application does not meet your needs then feel free to install and use something different but do not expect the majority of users to want the same.

Hammer459 5 years ago

Only, the underlying infrastructure is property of a commercial corporation and thus not a good candidate at all...
Feel free to install and use yourself.