Sortable Column Header for Alphabetically Sorting Network Names in Network Settings

  4 years ago

I use a huge list of networks in my Network settings, but find it frustrating that the Linux Mint 17.3 Network Settings dialog does not sort network names alphabetically, or even allow the option (ignore if this has been added for LM 18). It's like network names are randomly listed in whatever order the program finds most efficient, rather than by what is more readable. Furthermore, there is no sorting column header that one can use to sort in an alphabetically descending or ascending list.

For those of us with lots of networks to connect to, a sortable network names column in the Network Settings dialog in LM would be magical.

Thank you.
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remoulder 4 years ago

Network manager is a Gnome project

Hammer459 4 years ago

The vast majority of Mint users presumably don't have this issue. And AFAIK network manager is inherited from Ubuntu so you should raise your issue with Canonical