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  12 years ago

It would be nice if Team Viewer was added to the software portal since it is available for Linux just like skype is except it is a remote desktop app. The url is and is really nice for us behind routers, firewalls, etc.
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orionthehunter 11 years ago

Do they package it for Linux? Skype does IIRC.

LinuxWiz83 11 years ago

BTW skype is included in Mint's portal so it would be just as beneficial for us to have TeamViewer there

LinuxWiz83 11 years ago

You need to learn the differences between spam and someone that would like it included in the Mint portal because if i was spaming i would of made it look it a hell a lot more presentable

LinuxWiz83 11 years ago

TeamViewer is not remotely a paid software it is totally free unless you want some of there extra services which really you don't need for remotely accessing your desktop.

thermodynamics4 11 years ago

I think, the answer to this, is to talk about an open source project that make the same thing. Not to propose soft like skype or teamviewer. DEBIAN have this things in mind, that's why they include pidgin, not skype... and such... maybe not spam, but not the place nor the distro...

ceptor 11 years ago

teamviewer IS paid-software. you can try it for a while and after some time it cuts the line and you have to reconnect. pay for it and you can use it with no not get me wrong, we use it as professionals in our company. it is a graet software

LinuxWiz83 12 years ago

Oh btw Skype and TeamViewer in not paid software but they do have paid services/version u can use with it such as other free open source apps do for linux also but the idea would be for Mint users to have a central place to find TeamViewer just like they can

LinuxWiz83 12 years ago

I am not spamming and i don't appreciate the attacks and i do see the reason for it because a lot of people use it world wide.

hezy 12 years ago

I don't see a reason to think this is spam. it is as a legitimate software, just as skype is. I don't use it myself, but what's the big deal?

heltonbiker 12 years ago

Spam!! Paid Software!! Ban?? Moderation!!