New use for the UID / GID - like Android

  5 years ago

Since this is my computer, and well maybe I enable a "Guest" user - but then we have used UID=0 and UID=100 - 'me'.
WMy proposal is to make 'me' a group - not "staff" and then I log in as 'me' with uid = 'me' - then let the applications - "LibreOffice" be given a 'uid' but they are in the same "group" as 'me'. The browsers must belong to the uid "Internet" - best specific per browser.
Then a "sandbox" can be made: "Firefox" has only access to its files, and must ask 'me' should I want to upload anything on the net, or receive anything.

Then "special users" can use uid 10 to say 50 - and 0 is used during boot only, 1 is for kernel and kernel ugrade.2 is for "system administrator" or "software manager" - not root. Let 11 be default uid for "root" and uid = 1 used only by the kernel modification, 2 for all software update. "Me" is 100 and can belong to GID=1 or GID = 11 - "Me" and GID for everyone else is higher.

This is using the GID and UID in a new way to secure the systems. These were intended for organisations where the same computer was used by thousands. Let us make a new suited definition, and change systems and obtain an enhanced security.
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remoulder 5 years ago

This is an ideas area only for the linuxmint distro not the entire linux community. Changing standard uid ranges and assigned values is outside the scope of linuxmint, especially as it is based on ubuntu and debian and inherits from them.