A single text file consisting of user settings

  2 years ago

Hi guys :) I've been getting into python lately and a lot of my scripts have used a common system for their settings - a single text file.

My idea is, what if we used a text file to store some user settings? For example, in my personal script, the file is saved as '.my-settings' in my home directory. A system like this means that settings can truly be localised, as other users cannot access the home directory. It also means it would be easy to modify the settings outside of the application that uses that particular setting if needs be. Also, it would make backing up or transferring your personalisation settings much easier and faster than having many hidden preference files all over your filesystem (like I did meer weeks after switching to Mint from Ubuntu).

The foreseeable issue with this system is it would be easy to delete the single file, as such, to circumvent the issue it could either be backed up automatically on a regular basis or you could restrict it so as to only store non-essential information, such as the path to your desktop background, for example.

For the sake of ease and simplicity, it could be made so that settings from the file can be retrieved and/or modified by a Python module, as I do with my own.
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remoulder 2 years ago

This is not how linux works and such an idea is outside the scope of linuxmint's ability to change