Add Handbrake and Uget added to the default install

  4 years ago

I would like to see the addition of the video file conversion program; Handbrake, and the download manager; Uget, to the default iso.

They are both at the top of their game. We still have torrent apps..but does anyone even use these anymore? In the past I used them heavily, and Usenet clients..then it was Kodi..but I think download managers are where it is at these days.

And whilst we are at it; who wants over-sized and inefficiently compressed video files, when you can easily convert them to a fraction of their original size with Handbrake. Saves buying that 4 or 8 TB hard drive. These are everyday tools and are more default in my toolkit than many of the programs currently installed out-of-the-box.

Cheers, JR86
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remoulder 4 years ago

Just because you use them doesn't mean everyone else wants them by default, it is not difficult to install them on your own system.