Sounds. Please add availability and flexibility.

  3 years ago
  Under review

One thing I miss a lot from Windows is a feature of a software called Deskpot. What I really miss from that application is the capability to assign any sound I want to any event and anything I could click on.

In Linux Mint Cinnamon, we have emblems that add a unique element of cuteness which is not available in Windows. Since we have these visual clues we should have audio clues as well. The Sound Effects tab in Sound is a good beginning. We just have to develop it further to let the user add to the list the clickable programs he/she chose, and set the sound clips to be heard.

A desirable feature would be to have a random sound picker that can be turned ON or OFF for each added program which would chose at random in up to 10 diferent sound clips the user wish he/she could hear. These would be choices numbered from 0 to 9. That random sound chooser would also be added to the existing choices in the Sound Effects tab like Starting Cinnamon, Leaving Cinnamon, etc...

That means for example: if I click on 'Audacity', as Audacity loads it would play the sound I have set for Audacity. It could be a sound effect, or any sound I want, or even a human voice. This feature would also help users who are either blind, or have vision problems if they could hear a sound that tells them what it is they just clicked on.

This would also lead to the development of various sound themes that would show that Linux Mint has a high level of customization that is not available elsewhere.

By the way, Linux Mint ask for my password each time I do something. That would be great to hear a sound clip when the user is ask for the password.

Pleasant features are attractive to Windows users who want to walk away from MicroSoft. Adding sound clues would show users of other platforms that Linux Mint is attractive and offers desirable user-friendliness that can be highly personalized. More great features attract more new users, and more new users means more donations potential. If we want people to talk about Linux Mint, the Wow factor cannot be neglected.