Select a theme during installation...

  10 months ago

During installation let users select (show screenshots) either the present 'classic' look or a modern look (Adapta theme/Paper icons?).
It's easy to change the theme after installation but new users might not know how.
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webwrx 10 months ago

Depends. After switching from Windows I had a huge amount of tidying up I wanted to do of my docs and pics. All was fine to start with, until I switched to the 'qob' theme and Nemo started locking up after a few minutes into it. I did some research and discovered the lock-ups are related to customization. Sure enough, after going back to the default theme Nemo worked fine. So my point is, if I had chosen 'qob' at installation, I would have known no different, and would probably have discarded Mint altogether - so I believe it's better to start people off on something proven to be reliable.

Jendrej 10 months ago

There is no need to. It is easy enough to find if you play with settings a bit. There is nothing wrong with the default theme. I am not even sure if there is a single OS that lets you personalize its look during installation instead of after.

remoulder 10 months ago

User selection during installation has been suggested and rejected countless times