Replace MintBackup with Dejadup

  1 year ago

With timeshift now handling the system backups, mintbackup has been left with the task of backing up files. However, dejadup is a far more developed alternative. It includes scheduling, encryption, network sources, external drives, google, nextcloud, per file and per folder restore and file inclusion and exclusion from backups, plus periodic backup tests and reviews. The devs behind dejadup took a lot of effort to ensure that dejadup did backups right, while still making a pleasing and simple to use UI.

I propose that dejadup is installed by default on all future versions. However, i still think mintbackup has a useful role. I think instead of focusing on files and folders, it should focus on backing up the software installed and the system settings.

Some other things mintbackup can do (ill place these in their own ideas)
* backing up cinnamon applet settings
* Backing up mate applet settings
* backing up all software installed through software center
* backing up all software installed through apt (maybe scan bash history to save only user installed software and not dependencies and ibs)