Restore Firefox default home page

  1 year ago

Firefox has nice home page, which looks elegant and is convenient, but here in Linux Mint is by default replaced with linux mint home page. I liked it at the beginning, but after a while when I got used to Linux Mint, I thought that Firefox default home screen is much more convenient.
I'm IT guy so for me it's not a problem to google how to change it and I already done that, with solution from this site:
but for many people (for instance my wife, she's not IT) it will be too difficult, and it's pity that such people stuck with linux mint home page.
I didn't find such a idea in repo already, the closest is this one - but it's about bug, and my suggestion is not about bug - everything works, but about change suggestion.

I suggest change Firefox home screen - set default one, not linux mint one, or at least allow user to change it with "one button" without knowing that there is advanced config somewhere in Firefox.

Btw. it's also a bit tricky, that when I set "Firefox home (default)" in preferences then I got linux mint home.
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rawaniajay 1 year ago

Make It Default !

remoulder 1 year ago

Personal preference not idea