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  6 months ago
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The first time I installed a Linux distro, it was Linux Mint. Left you guys for 2 years, I am back now. I am conflicted, I must admit. I like Linux Mint a lot for its simplicity and all that is included, I prefer KDE Plasma for how you can make it so beautiful.

I have noticed the improvements in Linux Mint, and I congratulate you guys for the exhaustive work you have done.

Could you guys provide a desktop environment that would be as beautiful, if not more beautiful then the desktop environment of Tesla model 3, or Mac OS, or Extern OS, or Windows 10, or Android?

I am fully aware that everyone has different tastes, What is beautiful to me, may not be for someone else, I get that. However, I can not help but notice that all desktop environment that attracts people are either one of the ones that I mentioned before.

Whenever I try to switch someone from Windows to Linux, the barrier that I encounter always (for those who are resisting the transition) is that it look ugly. I am aware that there are more than 2 million Linux Mint users out there, but could it be that the interface is satisfactory because the majority of users are used to Linux already?

Again, Honesty. I find myself distro hoping only because I am in a quest of finding a distro that looks beautiful as a Mac, Tesla model 3 screen environment, Extern OS without having me be so involved in downloading themes, icons and changing scripts. Right now Deepin OS is almost making me horny (could not think of an alternative word) but I am so afraid of it. I am not a coder, I am not this, I am not that)

I am hoping that sooner rather then later I could see Linux Mint and have the same reaction. Lol. I would rather that the themes are provided from you guys then having to download them from (truth be told; although a lot of themes are nice, a lot of them are faulty and causes errors). Another reason is that if the theme comes from you guys, then creating another user account would be a breeze and in sync.
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This is not an idea, please use the Chat forum to post your opinions