Increase the information in "Properties"

  2 years ago
  Under review

When you download a file (an image, a video, a text, a Windows .exe etc...) you can right-click on it and select "Properties". But as you can see there are not so much properties listed. In Windows there are a lot of properties that can be useful, and I think it's right to aim at improving quantity/quality of a file's info.
Example1: if you have an mp3 file on Windows, you can open its properties and insert an "Artist", "Album", "Year" and much more... It would be nice to have that possibility on Linux too.
Example2: if you have a .exe file on Windows, you can see the version of the program, on Linux you can't. It would be useful to see the version of a program before installing it with Wine (a lot of programs don't show the version number neighter in the file name nor on the website).
Note: these are just 2 examples, but there could be hundreds of others.