Ultimate OS

  10 months ago

We have come to the point where we could have the ultimate OS.
Minimal, simple, stable, expandable. We have to stop trying to make a OS do all from the start, user should build it to their needs. Most only need browser and good UI, than adding apps as they go.
That way, we can cut all those layers, plugins, apps, etc that they won't even ever use or need.
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governmint 7 months ago

That already exist. It's called a cellular phone.

LandOfConfusion 8 months ago

Interesting idea although as Mint is targeted at new users who (usually) need everything ready from the get-go this is probably not an appropriate strategy.

VentGrey 9 months ago

+1 a Minimal version of mint would help a lot :D

Moem 9 months ago

So your idea is to make a bare-bones, minimal version of Mint? Isn't it easier to use an existing minimal OS instead of trying to transform a full-featured OS into one that's minimal? One of the strong points of Mint is that it comes with a lot of good software.

remoulder 10 months ago

This is not an idea, please post your opinions in the chat forum, not here