Easy Way to Create Launchers

  3 months ago
  Under review

When a new app is installed by the user, there might not be any menu item created, depending on whether that app was intended for Linux Mint or not.  So there should be a very easy way to add both a menu item, and alternatively, a panel launcher, simply by using the file manager and right clicking on the application icon in the file manager.

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ctfranz 2 months ago

This is one of the few Windows features that I miss in Cinnamon. Creating launchers is overly complex.

eengnerd 3 months ago

This new feature should also allow the creation of desktop launchers. Of course after clicking on the option to create a launcher, the feature would need to check and make sure that the file was executable and could actually be run. And it should assume that the most likely place for an associated icon would be in the same directory as the app itself.