Auto size mount points while installation

  11 months ago
  Under review

It would be better to allow system mounts automatically. This would make life easier for users coming from windows.

Example, I have 1 TB hard disk. I want to create  a partition of 700 GB for my data, and leave 300 GB for OS (This includes /, /boot, /home, /tmp, /var etc). If I want to do this, I have to manually create partitions. Users have to first check what are the recommended sizes for these system mounts and create partitions manually. For users coming from other OS, it might be difficult. Can this be simplified like how we have in windows? From a user standpoint, only create partitions with user specified size. Let installation media decide size and create mount partitions like /, /boot, /home etc..


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ctfranz 11 months ago

I think that the advanced partitioning window could be made more user-friendly and could provide additional recommendations, but I agree with remoulder that the choices should be left to the users.

remoulder 11 months ago

Windows simplifies partitioning by just taking all the disk space for itself regardless of anything else already there. Linux is about giving users choice, but the installer already does what you are suggesting for a basic installation. No installer can 2nd guess a particular user's requirements, so provides more advanced partitioning options for those who need such an installation. This is not a basic user requirement and anyone who thinks they need to do this is considered an advanced user and should understand what they are doing. If they don't then they shouldn't be considering it without seeking advice and support.