Windows spreading application

  9 years ago

It would be very nice and compliant. If mint kde will have windows spreading app... especially it would be for thous mint users who use high definition monitors. Now kde formats size of window to half-screen when user move window to max left or right side of the screen and it is pretty nice for 21-24" monitors..., but is not enough for 27-32"... so I think it would be good if user would have ability to spread opened windows on his screen into 4,6 and 8 parts by one or some clicks.
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RayWoods 8 years ago

I'm with @remoulder on this one and the implementation of this is outside the gift of the Linux Mint Development Team. It would be better placed elsewhere, say starting with the Forums for KDE, (then everyone could benefit from a solution.)

Hope you get it sorted out @ledjin.

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justin 9 years ago

It would be better posted as a KDE upstream idea - such an idea may already exist. KDE devs know their software better than anyone else, and such modifications to the subsystem are probably more likely to be done on the upstream, like @remoulder has expressed.

ledjin 9 years ago

Do you mean that mint would never develop software. I think Linux Mint is fast growing distribution and such ideas are not out of its business.

remoulder 9 years ago

Something like this would need to be done by the KDE devs

mikefreeman 9 years ago

How about 1-up-ing Windows 7...

Make the usual left and right side edges create half-screen-sized windows to the left and right side. But do the same with top and bottom edges putting the windows on top and bottom halfs. Then, make the corner edges put the windows into quarter-screen sized in that same corner.

ledjin 9 years ago

;) thank You!

dbpatankar 9 years ago

I agree. For large monitor size its good to have more parts than just 2.
And I strongly believe that this idea can be discussed here.

justin 9 years ago

Sounds like window tiling? As an aside, the formatting to half-screen was asked for in response to Aero snap.

ledjin 9 years ago

It is my opinion, that is yours. As you know Mint has its own software manager and updater and many others... should they deprecate these all because you see it like bad idea?

thx1138 9 years ago

It's pretty hard to comprehend your point, but i think this is not an idea and you should post this in the forum (the KDE section).