faster upgrades on youtube-dl

  2 years ago
  Under review

youtube-dl needs its patches very often to work properly. when they arent included fast enough the tool gets unusable.


therefore I would say it should be patched WAY faster, so users dont need  to tinker with it.

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Avoca 1 year ago

You are WRONG about this!

Youtube-dl provides patches very very very often. in distros with a faster patch cycle like arch they ship those newer versions almost instantly and therefore it works; and you can download any video or audio file you need for offline use without any problems.

Linux Mint however takes it sweet sweet time to release the latest package and with this sort of tool thats a problem, because newer versions are mostly adjustments to googles changes on youtube; therefore even slightly outdated youtube-dl package will not work.

Also it is in the documentation for youtube-dl how to get the latest version (which works fine with mint!) and it explains that it cant work when your distribution does not includ the latest package.

Pleas read a little into the topic before claiming this would be the wrong place or to contact the youtube-dl maintainer/developer. This IS! a problem caused by Mint and/or *buntus' delay in shipping the latest package.

yigit_burak 1 year ago

guy you must writo to youtube-dl developers

yigit_burak 1 year ago

I think this is not this developers problem

remoulder 1 year ago

Linuxmint are not the developers of this software, you need to contact them directly not post here