Additional question for skipping override files while coping when size of a file is different

  1 year ago

I'm not sure if I would be able to explain the situation and the idea but I'll do my best.

I noticed that sometimes when I am coping some files and the coping process is interrupted somehow, sometimes there would be one file that copied itself only in some part, not fully.

Then when I am coping again the same files I am being asked about what do I want to do with the files that are already there.
Obviously I want to skip the files that are already copied, so I select the option to skip overriding and tick checkbox to apply to all such cases.

So then it means that there would be one file that is corrupted in such a case.

I was therefore thinking that maybe the simple solution is to make some option somewhere whether we want an additional question window to appear if the system finds a duplicate file but the sizes are different.

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remoulder 1 year ago

This is an issue for whatever file manager you are using, please use the forums if not sure before posting here