My suggestion

  1 year ago

This is my suggestion, and it is up to you to decide :) Insert Chromium instead of Mozilla and insert Evolution instead of Thunderbird. Mozilla is a great browser as well as Thunderbird for mail, but Evolution is better combined with gnome-online-accountes.

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quake0 9 months ago

I would rather have brave or pale moon. Chromium is filled with to much google.

Volfase 1 year ago

Thunderbird is out of date and need replace with something.
but firefox is good.

Ephata 1 year ago

Je ne suis pas d'accord pour Chronium : Firefox est LE navigateur libre et open source par exellence. En plus il est meilleur que Google Chrome et Chronium...

remoulder 1 year ago

Linuxmint provides a working system to meet all requirements but cannot satisfy everyone's personal tastes, however you are free to remove and replace software as you like. Just don't expect everyone else to want the same.