Deepin and Linux Mint

  1 year ago

I tested Deepin, it is beautiful, fast and simple (easy to learn), but i miss ubuntu, gnome-online-accounts and Linux Mint for selecting and preinstalling programs.

Are you planning Deepin for Linux Mint environment?
Instead of their cloud sync, to insert gnome-online-accounts (small modification Deepin)


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vdbhb59 2 months ago

Deepin is visually awesome, but performance wise it is still one of the slowest. Mint is by far better, though I find Zorin to be a bit quick compared to Mint. However stability and security wise Mint is the numero uno. Deepin is not scalable to the level.

jvn01 2 months ago

I experienced bad performance on deepin, slow donwload from repo for the most.

accampos_ 8 months ago

I had a very bad experience with Deepin's performance

quake0 9 months ago

Yes to the boot menu. No to the system monitor.

linuxovios 1 year ago

Deepin's boot menu is simply beautiful. Also Deepin's system monitor is by far the most visually pleasing monitor
See screenshots:

dipensan 1 year ago

let's make LM Cinnamon to even more modern UI. Suggest LM team to add more features to LM OS. e.g. Transparent panel/menu/windows, modern simple login UI, Custom LM Installation UI like Manjaro, panel to duck like Deepin etc are the few example. so, do not force them to diversify the LM OS.

ste4m 1 year ago

Yes Deepin is so much faster and the look is great!