Please add brave browser to software manager

  3 years ago

Brave browser is based on chromium and it is open source software. Please consider adding brave to software manager.

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Artim 1 month ago

+1 to this! Not a flatpak, not a snap! I use it by by adding a PPA, but I'd rather not use a PPA for such awesome software

mirko 5 months ago

It's my browser of choice, unfortunately the only option to install in linux mint is via terminal (adding repository). Other linux distros have it in repos or in their own browser selection tools.

Agentl074 8 months ago

Absolutely! Brave is the best browser. However, you can just use their own release channel direct repository and install via command in terminal.

oldogre 1 year ago

NOT impressed with "Brave Browser" One, They got hacked a few years back, my email was snagged and I was NEVER notified! The only way I even found out was through one of those online scanners I THINK it was but not positive!!!
My second issue was the CONSTANT wanting to update, then it was never just a few bytes noo it had to download the entire browser every single time it "updated" or at least I THINK that was it as it downloaded about 76 Mb every single time. Always the exact same amount.
Three, their profit scheme! What a total rip off!! It HURT the advertisers far more than it helped them but mostly it made Brave LOTS of money and not crap for the people!!
Four: constant headache using it, freezing etc...
Fifth It was Google... You can paint a pig, sure it will look better but it's still a pig! Google is right up there in the 5 most evil entities on the planet personally, now that Hitlers dead I think google is second or third at least, right after Soros, the Vanderbilt's or perhaps the The Illuminati but oh wait.. Those are all "secret" orgs so we don't really know their true evils, however googles evils are all out in the open for the world to see.. At lest those evils they don't care that we know about! And there are plenty of them!
I guess you might have noticed I HATE all things GOOGLE! It's a true pandemic all on its own!

NumOpen 1 year ago

We have the choice:
- Brave : Speedy, based on Chromium.
- Iridium : Speedy, based on Chromium but less intrusive.
- Pale Moon : Can use XUL extensions.
- Artic Fox, fork of Pale Moon :
- Basilisk : Can use XUL extensions.
- Borealis Navigator : Can use XUL extensions.
- Falkon : Very light.
- Otter Browser : Opera clone.
- LibreWolf, fork of Mozilla Firefox :
- Waterfox :
- Dooble :
- SeaMonkey :

PythonIsDaBest21 1 year ago

A brave statement.

nekeke 1 year ago

it would be so good if it happens!

quake0 2 years ago

I agree. I just dropped fire fox for brave due to deplatforing talk from Mitchell Baker (Chairwoman and CEO of the Mozilla). Also add pale moon.

bsslinux 2 years ago

it would be so good if it happens!

webbeee 2 years ago

Yes! I'm not a fan of Chromium browsers, but I prefer to use Brave when I need to use something other than Firefox. It's not hard at all to install Brave, but it's be so much more convenient from the Software Manager.

PhiX 2 years ago

Brave browser is not easy to install. It would be great to have it ready to install in the software repository.

squadramunter 2 years ago

That would be awesome!

Dogmaster6 2 years ago

This would be useful, right now you can only install via terminal, definitely in support!

crhylove 2 years ago


wisanggeni 2 years ago

hi @remoulder, which do you mean by the forum?

Do we have official chromium and chrome software?

I like to learn maintain a ppa or software on linuxmint which installable via apt and software manager

zh82cqpw7yfr 3 years ago

nutze den brave-browser mit linux mint, leider stürzt der b-b andauernd ab,
ohne Vorwarnung, innerhalb von millisekunden ist er vom Bidschirm verschwunden. Es ist nicht nachvollziehbar.
Anders ist es mit Windows 10, hier läuft der brave-browser sehr stabil und schnell, unbedingt zu empfehlen.

linuxovios 3 years ago

Of course it's up to the developers, but also Mint devs can decide to include a project in the mint repositories i.e. virtualbox. There are installation instructions in the brave website but thy include terminal commands and this could scare amateurs. Since brave is an open source project based on chromium and it is gaining popularity, I think it should be included in the mint repositories.

remoulder 3 years ago

It is up to the developers how their software is distributed and Brave maintain their own repositories. If you are not sure how to add this to your setup please ask in the forums.