Make nemo capable of mass renaming files without the need for thunar extension

  1 year ago
  Under review

Nautilus (ubuntu) has the functionality to mass rename files using f2. See screenshot:


nautilus mass rename files

There is also similar functionality in windows OS (without so many options).


We are about to enter 2020 and nemo still is not able by default to mass rename files (i.e. using ascending numbers etc.). Users can get this functionality by installing thunar and then setting it in nemo file manager preferences which is far from ideal.


It would be great if such a functionality comes out of the box, as seamless as it is in nautilus.

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ParaDice 1 year ago

So far I have been using pyrenamer for this, but it's a great idea to support this feature natively in nemo! Of course, it should support regular expressions and capture groups... ;)