Window selection navigation

  6 months ago
  Under review

It would be great if the "window selection screen" navigation could be a bit enhanced. I mean the selection that is by default under ctrl + alt + Down, or alt + F3. I have it personally bound to alt + X. I like that I can open and close it just with my left hand, like alt + tab. But unlike alt + tab, the windows can be navigated only with arrow keys.

My idea: Make it possible to also move in the window selection with tab and shift + tab. Or even A, S, W, D, or anything to make this feature a bit more versatile. I use it allot, it's great :)

PS: it could be also considered to change the movement of the selected screen when hitting the wall. I find it right now a bit unintuitive. I would suggest to emerge on the other side of the same row/collumn when passing a wall (the screen edge), rather than jumping to a new one.

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Radim 6 months ago

Isn't the window selection part of cinnamon?

remoulder 6 months ago

Suggestions for specific desktop environments need to be sent to the development team for that desktop, this is an ideas area for the linuxmint distro and it's websites. In general, default window management keybindings adhere to those specified by